Review: Brunch in Rudys, Blanchardstown

I’m a fan of brunch, and I’m even more of a fan of being able to get brunch nearby. Rudys opened this month in Blanchardstown, and I was delighted to see that they offer brunch. You’ll find the menu here.

The Meat

When it comes to brunch, I like it meaty, so I went for the Corn Beef and Parsley Hash with Poached Egg and Parmesan. This was my first time trying proper corned beef and it didn’t disappoint. Salty, meaty strips of shredded beef were piled on top of a herby potato cake. I’d expected chunks of potato, but I’ll never say no to a potato cake! It was lacking a bit of seasoning, but the parmesan added a nice saltiness. It was topped with a perfectly gooey poached egg. It was good, and with a couple of tweaks it could be great. My husband’s French Toast was well received. He reckons it’s better than San Lorenzo’s, but a third slice would have been welcome. He described the taste of the bacon that came with is as ‘weird’, whatever that means! Overall he was happy though.IMG_5904

The Sweet

My dilemma with brunch used to be whether to go for something meaty or something sweet. This is no longer a dilemma. I get both. I’d read that the pancakes were served with homemade Nutella and I was intrigued. I don’t know if what I’d read was incorrect, or if they’d just run out, but my pancakes arrived with actual Nutella. I got over my disappointment though and ate it anyway. I’m a trooper like that. The pancakes were stodgy, almost like a cross between and American pancake and a crepe. They tasted amazing though, so if they can get the texture right (it shouldn’t be difficult) they’re onto a winner.


The Rest

The staff are friendly and the setting is modern and comfortable. There are a few teething issues with the food, but it was only their second weekend open for brunch so I hope things will improve as they get into the swing of things. It was quiet when we were there, but Blanchardstown isn’t exactly brunch central so I can’t imagine it will take long for word to spread. It’s pretty decent value too. I’m looking forward to giving it another go.

Rudys Restaurant
17 Main Street
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15





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