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Review: Drop Dead Twice, Dublin

When you’re essentially an unpaid intern like I am you don’t have much money for nights out. Given that I’m a recent convert to beer, and my husband has a massive beer collection, there’s no shortage of drinks in the house for cosy nights in. Thanks to gifts and some recent duty-free shopping, there’s no shortage of bubbly and spirits either. (We sound like lushes!) But we do still like to go out sometimes, and I’ve found the perfect place for those who don’t have a huge amount of money.

Drop Dead Twice is a cocktail bar with a difference. Bring your favourite bottle of booze with you and they’ll turn it into cocktails you’ll love.

I was lucky enough to come across a free pre-opening event on Eventbrite, so I grabbed a friend (and a bottle of vodka) and went along.

Drop Dead Twice is located upstairs in The Tivoli Backstage on Francis Street. The somewhat understated door (at that time it just had ‘Drop Dead Twice’ spray painted on it!) led to a dimly lit room. Candles and fairy lights made for an intimate atmosphere. As we were one of the first groups to arrive, we were offered a seat at one of several bars. Having been handed a glass of bubbly each, we were introduced to our mixologist, Ross. (Later that evening, I would inadvertently christen him Super Ross.) Ross asked about our likes and dislikes and, having checked out our booze, suggested a Blueberry Sour to start. I have never been a Sour fan, but I was determined to try whatever was suggested. I’m glad I did. The drink certainly wasn’t sweet (I’m a sweet fan!) but it was nothing I couldn’t handle, and the egg white gave it a smooth, silky texture.

The night continued in this way, with Ross suggesting drinks, and with us gladly accepting them. At one point Ross was busy with another group, so Mick (I think his name was Mick!) offered to make us a Hazelnut Chocolate Martini. He could tell straight away that I wasn’t convinced that I’d like it, and he suggested that I could try something different, but happily I went along with his original plan. The drinks arrived with a single chocolate ball dropped into each one. They tasted exactly like a (very alcoholic!) milk chocolate hazelnut bar. The addition of the chocolate ball kicked off some friendly rivalry between the mixologists; each of them wanted to present a prettier cocktail than the last.img_6888

The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I got chatting to a woman (I think she was one of the owners. It was late and I was a bit fuzzy at that stage!) about the concept and I could tell that there was real passion behind it. I left feeling that Dublin was gaining a wonderful new bar, run by people who truly deserve to succeed.

While I was lucky enough, as a guinea pig, to get my tickets for free, they’ll usually set you back €20. This gives you 2 hours in Drop Dead Twice, and as many cocktails as you can drink in that time. We had 5 each. Yes, you have to bring your own booze (and there’s a Molloy’s across the street) but if you have it at home anyway, €20 is a small price to pay to turn it into something truly delicious. This poor intern will definitely be back!

Drop Dead Twice
Upstairs @ The Tivoli Backstage
18-19 Francis Street



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