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Review: Drop Dead Twice, Dublin

When you’re essentially an unpaid intern like I am you don’t have much money for nights out. Given that I’m a recent convert to beer, and my husband has a massive beer collection, there’s no shortage of drinks in the house for cosy nights in. Thanks to gifts and some recent duty-free shopping, there’s no… Continue reading Review: Drop Dead Twice, Dublin

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Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream – Yes, really!

I’m a sucker for a bargain, but I don’t often buy things that I don’t need. That changed this week. When you find out that Supervalu is selling 2kgs of cherries for €5 what are you supposed to do? Ignore this information on the basis that you don’t even know what cherries taste like? Of… Continue reading Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream – Yes, really!